UG Market trader

UG Market trader

UG MARKET TRADER is an electronic order routing platform for trading in real time on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia.

You can install the latest version UG MARKET TRADER here.

UG MARKET TRADER allows in real-time:

- Access to information on all issues traded on BSE

- Monitoring quotes on unlimited number of issues simultaneously

- Monitoring and filtering of transactions on the BSE issue

- Monitoring of the quotes in depth, including all entered bids for any particular issue

- Submission of orders to BSE for purchase / sale of financial / compensatory instruments and track their status

- conversation (chat) with the broker

- Real time update of the client’s portfolio

- History of deposited / withdrawn amounts to / from their account at Investment

- History of purchases / sales (transactions) with weighted average net cost of acquisition / sale of securities

- Information about the market pulse – index level, lists of most traded stocks, list of the daily gainers and losers

- Graphical analysis

By using UG MARKET TRADER you have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the lowest trading commissions in Bulgaria.

UG market maximum
price for orders: 1.6801
buyback 1.6465
UG market optimum
price for orders: 1.5261
buyback 1.5108