UG Market Maximum

UG Market Maximum

Mutual Fund Ug Market Maximum is an open-ended collective investment scheme whose asstes are being invested primarily in Bulgarian shares, shares of foreign companies listed for trading on internationally recognized and liquid regulated markets (up to 80 per cent of NAV), and shares/units of other collective investment schemes (up to 10 per cent of NAV).

The Fund invests in debt securities and fixed income instruments, in order to maintain liquidity and/or to reduce risk in times of market turmoil.

The Fund’s assets are divided into units/shares which are constantly offered for sale to investors and redeemed at their wish.

Ug Market Maximum operates with permission №28-DF from 22.08.2006, by the Financial Supervision Commission.

Depository Bank

The Depository Bank safekeeps the assets of Ug Market Maximum, executes control over its operations and verifies the calculation of the net asset value (NAV) of the Fund.

Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria), with registered office at:
Sofia, bul. 55 “Nikola Vaptsarov” str.
tel .: (02) 91 985 796, fax: (02) 868 7061,
e-mail (e-mail): GSS.Operations@raiffeisen.bg

and web-site: www.rbb.bg.

Wire transfers of funds, for the purchase of shares of Ug Market Maximum, can be made to the following account of the fund at Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) JSC

IBAN: BG80RZBB91551085490615


The prospectus and the document with key investor information are available and are provided free to all current and potential clients in the offices of Ug Market Fund Management AD and the Ug Market AD and can also be downloaded from this web site.

UG market maximum
price for orders: 1.6535
buyback 1.6204
UG market optimum
price for orders: 1.5147
buyback 1.4996