About the fund

About the fund

Mutual Fund UG Market Optimum is an open-end collective scheme that invests in Bulgarian shares, shares of foreign companies listed on internationally recognized and liquid regulated markets, and also in shares / units of other collective investment schemes as well as in debt securities and fixed income instruments.

The Fund’s assets are divided into units (shares) which are constantly offered for sale to investors and redeemed at their wish. The Asset management company calculates the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund every working day.

MF UG Market Optimum has a license № 61-DF from 25.03.2008 issued to the asset manager UG Market Fund Management AD, which is separately licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission pursuant to Article 164, paragraph 1 of POSA (License № 8 ABM / 16.01 .2006)

Depositary Bank

The Depository Bank safekeeps all the assets of UG Market Optimum, controls its operations and verifies the calculation of the NAV of the Fund.

“Allianz Bank Bulgaria” SA with registered office at:
Sofia, “Vazrajdane”, bul. “Maria Louisa” № 79
tel .: (02) 9215473, Fax: (02) 9818564,
e-mail (e-mail): Nikolay.Pankev@bank.allianz.bg
and website (web-site): http://bank.allianz.bg.

Transfers of funds for the purchase of shares of MF UG Market Optimum can be made to the bank account of the fund at the Depository bank “Allianz Bank Bulgaria”

IBAN: BG82BUIN95615100044081


The prospectus and the document with key investor information are available and are provided free to all current and potential clients, both online and at the offices of UG Market Fund Management AD and the UG Market AD.

UG market maximum
price for orders: 1.6535
buyback 1.6204
UG market optimum
price for orders: 1.5147
buyback 1.4996