About US

About US

Ug Market AD is among the first licensed investment intermediaries in Bulgaria. This status the company received in the summer of 1998 with a regulatory decision of the Securities and Exchange Commission (now the Financial Supervision Commission). A few months later the company became a member of the Central Depository and in January 1999 – member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia. Ug Market AD also has a license issued by the Bulgarian National Bank to carry out foreign exchange transactions. The company has a license by the Financial Supervision Commission to trade with foreign securities for its own and for third parties’ account.
Since 2003 Ug Market AD has been among the top five investment firms by number of transactions concluded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia.
The main objective of the company is providing high quality financial services tailored to the individual preferences of each client.

Ug Market AD is based in Plovdiv, but representatives of the company are available to customers in the cities of Sofia, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Pazardzhik and Silistra,

Ug Market AD offers its customers some of the lowest commissions for transactions on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia through e-trading system UG MARKET TRADER.

Ug Market Fund Management AD is a licensed asset management company that currently manages the assets of two mutual funds. Ug Market Fund Management AD is co-founded by Ug Market AD and was licensed by the Financial Supervision Commission in the summer of 2006

Mutual Funds – Ug Market Optimum and South Market Maximum

Mutual funds are a type of open collective scheme for investing primarily in Bulgarian shares and in shares of foreign companies listed for trading on internationally recognized, liquid and regulated markets as well as in shares / units of other domestic and foreign collective investment schemes.
The funds assets can be invested in debt securities and fixed income instruments depending on their risk profile and in order to manage liquidity in times of market turmoil. The net asset value (NAV) of the funds is calculated daily and the funds’ shares are also issued and redeemed on a daily basis.

UG market maximum
price for orders: 1.6801
buyback 1.6465
UG market optimum
price for orders: 1.5261
buyback 1.5108