Ug Market Fund Management AD is a licensed asset management company that manages the assets of collective investment schemes and closed-end investment funds.

Ug Market Fund Management AD has license № 8-UD from 16.01.2006 issued on the basis of Decision № 21-UD from 11.01.2006 by the Financial Supervision Commission.

The authorization, given by the license, includes investment management, as well as administration of the shares, including legal and accounting services related to asset management, accepting requests for information by investors, valuation of assets and calculation of the share prices based on NAV, control over the observance of laws and other legal requirements, keeping the book of shareholders, distribution of dividends and other payments, issuance, sale and redemption of shares, execution of contracts, record keeping and marketing services.

Asset management company Ug Market Fund Management AD is based in Plovdiv, 92 Vasil Aprilov blvd.,
Phone: (+359 32) 625 401, 633 234,
fax: (+359 32) 625 402
working hours: every weekday from 09.00 h to 17.00 h