The mutual funds managed by UG Market Fund Management AD operate on the principle of accumulation of the funds of large number of investors. By purchasing units/shares of the mutual funds, the investors acquire parts of diversified portfolios of financial instruments. The increase of the value of these financial instruments increases the value of the funds’ shares, hence the profitability of the investment, and vice versa.

In order to invest wisely and in the context of your unique circumstances, financial postion, goals and personal desires, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced professionals. They will help you develop a compehensive financial and investment plan that is best suited for you.

The value of the shares of the mutual funds and the return on them can go down, profits are not guaranteed, and the investors assume the risk of not recovering their investment in full.

The investments in the mutual funds are not guaranteed by a guarantee fund or otherwise. Past performance of the mutual funds do not guarantee future results.

The prospectus of the funds and the documents with key investor information are available and are provided free to all current and potential clients in the offices of UG Market Fund Management AD and the UG Market AD and can also be downloaded from this web site.